Recent Work

Sculptures (2020-2022)

In late 2016, I began to shift my art practice to focus on sculpture after nearly a decade creating painting and drawing predominantly. The shift was led by a year of doing a sculpture a day to build a dimensional vocabulary and determine methods and approaches that fit my life and studio space. The Curiosity Series continues but not as a daily practice. Some of the recent Curiosities or recent groupings are included below. I continue to install the works from the 500+ series in varied groupings. In 2020, my work shifted in a number of way. One primary change was to go even smaller with the components and to work in larger intentional groupings that are developed in color and form clusters of 5, 10, 30, 50 or 100+, depending on the design or client’s needs. Email if you have any questions about available work or to develop a commission to suit your space.