I love a daily project! I have done daily projects for years in varied forms and different intervals and rules.

This has became the cornerstone of my work after a year long sculpture project at the end of 2016 through to the end of 2017. This was my most formal and long-term daily project and this project was a means to kickstart my sculptural practice after more than a decade focused on painting and drawing predominantly. I don’t necessarily maintain a full year of daily sculpture each year but at least once or sometimes two times a year, I do 100 day projects that provides a structure, a set of self-imposed rules or general parameters that allows me to get right to work when other aspects of life aren’t supportive of research and creative mulling over. I also find that my best creative ideas come when I am working on something different. As they say, creativity leads to creativity.

This year, I took a more focused approach and set my rules around a specific color scheme with each row being a new pigment created with a gradient of 10 tints. This series was a useful exploration of color mixing to develop a clear and specific relationship of colors for the composition. Initially I had this on the white studio wall (first pic) but I also decided to put it on a pale pink wall to see how that looks. I am thinking about ways to use colored backgrounds to interact with the groupings.

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