On doing something new – follow up

In a recent post I discussed the idea of trying something new. I did it and it was great. I took a week long intensive workshop with a wonderful artist and teacher, Stephen Early. I was a bit intimidated to work in an arena that seemed foreign to my current work but I feel as if I easily acclimated but pushed to learn some new approaches to painting and the figure. I would love to have had another week to work on color more but the focus on form, light and shadow was great. In addition to the intense learning, the opportunity to be with other artists and network was a great way to kick of the summer’s studio time and work towards my goal to stretch my network and make new connection this year. During the workshop, at Artspace, seeing the buzz around the community space also reminded me of how much I like working near other artists. It is not an option  but maybe one day, I will have a more public studio. In the mean time, maybe I need to contemplate ways to work out in public and possibly I need to challenge myself to join one of the figure drawing/painting nights available in the area.


figure painting of short pose

Short poses with model

figure painting short pose

Short pose

Long pose results

Long pose results

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Author: Kelly Murray