Featured Artist & Maker – Kendra Grace Designs

My husband and I value sustainable and environmentally sensitive design. We try to make thoughtful choices in how we live, and with businesses we support. We look for businesses that align with this value when possible. My work often shows imagery of nature and questions how our habits and individual roles can impact development and habitat loss. Environmental issues and sustainable design practices are important to us, therefore I will occasionally share the work of other creative entrepreneurs that focus on eco-friendly design. Makers, artists, designers or creatives that up-cycle, recycle, repurpose items or businesses that use other eco-friendly practices will be highlighted in this blog from time to time. We also love to celebrate small businesses and people who are finding ways to support their family by contributing to the vibrancy and character of their town or region with their creative work. I am fortunate to have a wonderful network of friends and colleagues that are making a difference and creating art and design that contributes positively to the world. I want to support these creative and thoughtful entrepreneurs by featuring them on this blog.

The first artist & maker featured is an art school friend, Kendra Brock of Kendra Grace Designs http://www.kendragracedesigns.com/. Kendra is the kind of person that draws attention the minute she walks in the room. Some may think it is her tall stature but I think it has more to do with her playful and fun spirit that makes you want to hang out with her. Kendra began her career as a sculptor but through her resourcefulness and desire to find beautiful clothing to suit her tall frame, she started creating dresses from up-cycled t-shirts and eco-friendly fabrics. Knowledge of the human form from sculpting figures combined with growing up in a family of artists and makers allowed her the skills and ability to make the shift to clothing design.

Kendra’s designs suit all body types, tall or short, curvy or thin. She recognizes the value of fashion as self-expression and wants women to feel confident and beautiful no matter their size. I love the way she transforms graphic elements found on t-shirts and  then combine these with colors and patterns to create her dresses. Her humor and playful spirit are seem sewn into each dress.

Kendra has found a way to make a business that fits her values of being kind to the earth while allowing women to celebrate their creative and expressive spirit through adornment. She provides her customers with designs they can use proudly, knowing it is hand-crafted with care from resources that were kind to the environment.

If you live near Eugene, Oregon or nearby region, you can catch her at one of the art or maker markets. Kendra can also make a custom design for you, take a look at her website for other examples or her etsy link. I can’t wait to order a dress soon.

Designer wearing a dress.

Kendra in one of her creations.

back of a dress with a heart shape Model wearing dress

Kendra in one of her dresses.

Kendra in one of her dresses.



Author: Kelly Murray