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Day 2 – VAE’s Ignite Creativity 2015

Take Away Ideas from Day Two of Ignite Creativity 2015

  1. Consider art as a means to get public or viewer to engage with spaces and environments in new ways, even with senses other than visual to gain new perspectives.
  2. Artists may be able to reach or speak to and with people that others in the community have been unable to reach.
  3. When appropriate or necessary, ask questions of administration or persons who put calls for artist. They want to help artists.
  4. Submit good application. Complete all parts (seems obvious but isn’t to everyone). Always have good images and do not use split images/combine multiple images within one of allotted number of portfolio or work submissions.
  5. Don’t use statement for public art to say how much you love public art – talk about the piece/proposal.
  6. Define your brand, define your audience, consistently communicate your brand with everything you do (work, social media posts, website, business cards etc).
  7. Identifying what you want is the first step in getting what you want or need. Then you have to figure out what you have to be, what you have to do and what you need to have in order to get what you want.

This was a great conference and I encourage anyone wanting to invigorate their creative practice or creative business to attend the next year’s conference. I met many wonderful artists doing a wonderful array of creative work. The thing I continue to believe is that there is a place for all creatives at the table. We do better to work in support of one another because we can all find an audience to help support our career and creative endeavors. We don’t have to compete in a negative way but instead can become more clearly who we are to then best serve the clients or projects that are best for us. The best projects for one artist are not suitable for another. As an artist, we must simply find the circumstances, projects and opportunities that fit our way of working, our values and our imagery or forms.

Speakers that inspired the list of  “take-away” ideas:

Jennie Carlisle (Elsewhere Program Curator)

Patrick McDonnell (Elsewhere South Elm Projects Coordinator)

Felici Asteinza & Joey Fillastre (MILAGROS COLLECTIVE, Miami FL)

Carmen Papalia (Artist, Vancouver, BC)

Sarah Powers (VAE + City of Raleigh Arts Commission)

Kim Curry-Evans (Raleigh Public Art Coordinator)

Kelly McChesney (Flanders Gallery)

Matt McConnell (Artist)

Jeffrey York (Chapel Hill Public & Cultural Art Administrator)

Brandon Ives (Brasco Marketing Team)

Emily Gelblum (The Green Door Group)


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Author: Kelly Murray